Venison Sausages top the market!

Dreich it might have been, but John Cooke from Slow Food Edinburgh still managed to persuaded 19 folks to spend some considerable time blind- tasting close to ten sausages at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on Castle Terrace last weekend. They filled in a sheet recording their first choice, and in most cases, second and third choices too. Some even made specific comments on flavour, texture and so on. Slow Food then collated all the results, giving three marks for a first choice, two for a second, and one for a third choice.

The result?

Well, it must first be said that the competition had both venison bangers (two producers), beef, (one) and the rest plain pork. So, comparing apples with oranges so to speak, the two venisons came out equal top overall. Well done, Carmichael Estate Farm Meats and Seriously Good Venison.

They were followed by the single beef entry from Well-hung & Tender.

The pork sausages then had a top three of Ballencrieff, Reiver and Puddledub.

‘Not sure what this proves, except that the Market has lots of good sausages, and people are prepared to spend time trying them and chatting about it. Even on a rainy, rainy day.’ John Cooke – Slow Food Edinburgh