Carmichael Estate Wild Roe Deer Loin wins gold

We are really pleased to announce that Carmichael Estate Wild Roe Deer Loin was awarded 2 gold stars by the prestigious Guild of Fine Food for the Great Taste Awards 2014. We knew the wild roe deer from the Estate was good when hung and butchered to prefect but this has now been certified by the judges of GTA 2014.

Judges described the venison loin as follows:

‘This meat is beautifully tender and juicy. The flavour is nicely gamy and long lasting.’

‘Delivers a very complex gamey flavour which judges like: great depth and length of flavour, wonderful texture for such a lean piece of meat.’

Wild roe deer is available seasonally from Carmichael Estate and it is an important part of our system that we cull them in sensible numbers to allow crops, trees and other wildlife to flourish. If you ever get a chance to try one these steaks they are truly divine! The ultimate venison product.