The Carmichael Day – Wednesday August 23rd 2017 – Clan Carmichael Gathering 2017

For those who are unable to join the full Clan Gathering but would like to join us for the Carmichael Day on August 23rd  we have created two special options:

The Carmichael Day is a full day of activities, food, music, laughter and dancing on the Clan lands at Carmichael Estate. The schedule for the day is currently as below but is still subject to change:

Morning : Clan Carmichael march from Eagle Gates to Kirk Hill to Carmichael House

Late morning : Mini Highland Games

Midday ish : Carmichael Meats BBQ in the Gathering Field Carmichael Estate

Afternoon :  Scottish Heritage Demonstrations

Evening : Clan Ceilidh and Buffet Dinner

Option 1 – Carmichael Day Ticket – £100 per person 

This option gives access to the full program of events on Wednesday 23rd August at Carmichael Estate as outlined above. The option includes the Clan BBQ, all activities on the day and attendance of the Clan Ceilidh and Dinner (own tartan attire required). The ticket price does not include any travel arrangements, accommodation or beverages.

Option 2 – Carmichael Day BBQ Ticket – £30 per person

This option gives access to the Carmichael Day BBQ and the Scottish Heritage Demonstrations on the 23rd August at Carmichael Estate. The ticket price does not include any travel arrangements, accommodation, beverages or attendance at the Clan Ceilidh.

Those that would like to join us for the Splash of Tartan event at Edinburgh Castle on the 24th August we are able to purchase specially allocated  Edinburgh Tattoo tickets on your behalf while they are available until the end of February 2017. Tickets can be purchased by following the link. Own transport, accommodation and meal arrangements are required.

If you would like to be included in the full gathering arrangements please look at the Clan Gathering 2017