There have always been deer in the Parks of ancient Carmichael Estate and in 1983 we introduced Red Deer onto the farm and started deer farming. Our EU approved meat processing unit has been operating since 1994 and our multi award winning Scottish Venison has become renowned across Scotland as some of the finest. Carmichael venison is always tender, tasty and versatile – our multi award winning Venison Rashers are a truly unique product which won Product Innovation of the Year at the Scotland of Food & Drink Awards 2009.

0 thoughts on “Venison

  1. fiona mcbride

    The most delicious lean soft steak I have ever ever cooked or eaten. So simple to cook and serve and tastes fabulous
    worth the money excellent!!!

  2. fiona mcbride

    Delicious lean tasty mince that does not clump like some beef and no fat pouring out of it into pot/pan
    Makes delicious pasta meals, or cottage pie type meals – fabulously healthy and worth the money
    recommend +++

  3. fiona mcbride

    Dark deep rich flavour that means you only need 1 or 2 for breakfast to be satisfied. Not fatty like pork/bacon so healthier
    really nice different weekend treat

  4. fiona mcbride

    simply ingredients, so easy to cook and very healthy no greasy fat pouring out into pan – my kids love them

  5. fiona mcbride

    these cuts of meat are great to slow cook whilst out – return to a delicious stew with veg and red/wine gravy – so tender and tasty
    perfect for winter meal – super healthy too

  6. Dr. E K

    I have been a member of the Clan in previous years trough my Carmichael roots. Also, an SAR through the same heritage.
    My family enjoys and wear the Clan colors to events where we celebrate our heritage. My grandfather was a Scott and grandmother a Wilson; but it is the Carmichael Crest that is engraved on my parent’s grave stone. We have the “PIPES” at family events, as well. My mother and her sister attended a reunion in the late 80s at the estate. It has become time to formalize our membership for the grown children , as well, so that they can appreciate their genetic blessings and share them with their families.

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