Carmichael Estate Farm Meats stall at Edinburgh Farmers Market

Delicious new season Carmichael lamb Now Available!

We now have our delicious Carmichael Texel Lamb available at all of the Farmers’ Markets we attend and in our farm shop on the A73 between Lanark and Biggar.

Our Lamb is delicious at this time of year as it has been grazing only the freshest tastiest clover rich grass at the foot of Tinto Hil. All of our lambs are born, reared and fattened and finished at Carmichael. We also have our own abattoir and butchery here allowing us to maintain total control over animal welfare during the rearing and slaughter process.

If your looking for a delicious ‘single malt’ lamb this summer for the BBQ look no further. Now also available through our online shop on