Bad week for Carmichael Heritage property

History of Policies of Carmichael.

1) Source of name 1058 church on “Caer” dedicated saint “michael”

2) First recorded use of surname Carmichael by people of the district 1250

3) earliest record of member of Chief’s family here 1292

4) Barony land grant after Bannockburn battle 1350 (includes this site)

5) Cromwell demolishes Carmichael castle 1650 first Carmichael “immigrants” to America

6) Earl of Hyndford rebuilds and creates historic design landscape of ancient Policies 1750 (Union Jack ditches & Bannockburn roundels) (includes this site)

7) 1957 small portion (121 sq m ) of ancient Policy ground on Crossridge sold for less than a £1 under compulsory purchase provision of 1944 Water supply Act for community benefit to build a tank reservoir called the Carmichael Crossridge Water Service reservoir. Tank built with public UK funds through local Council “in the spirit and true meaning” of the 1944 Water Supply Act.

8) 1957 -2015 we host Scottish Water’s local community water supply tank in our field thinking it is still in use today.

8) 2015 Feb 25 Scottish Water secretly sell site at SVA Property Auction to (unknown) highest bidder for £2100 without informing local community or previous owner (ourselves) that the tank is no longer in use. Estate owner (30th Chief) informed of sale 10 days later, date of entry of new owner is forecast as 25 March 2015. It could even be an Armstrong arch enemy ?

9) 1000 years of Carmichael name heritage control of this small hill site comes to an end through an act of local community service desecrated by a ruthless greedy successor to a vital local public utility.

10) Apparently the sale is (possibly) legal as the 1944 Act made no provision for such sites to be returned to original owners when no longer required for community water storage.

If you feel concerned as a “Carmichael” who has had part of their heritage land stolen after a millenium in this way then follow this saga urgently and contribute

@chiefcarm on twitter or email your views to

Reference lot 30 SVA Property Auction sale 25 Feb 2015 “Carmichael Crossridge water service reservoir”

Legal or not its a crime against our clan lands and heritage and an insult against our fine name.

Richard Carmichael of Carmichael – 30th chief